"Dip into the luxurious tones of caramel and vanilla, with our Fall/Winter collection. We're forever inspired by the harsh winter tones of greys and blacks & this season we've paired them with the warmth of caramels, to create a palette uplifting us from the 2020 mood"


Our Choices are the Solution !

HMade Collective is bringing "sur measure" to you this Festive Season.Our coats and jackets, are now available for bespoke tailoring. Ethical Fashion at it's best!


For our Fall/Winter 2020, we've translated some of our Creative Director's hand-painted artworks and printed them on Silk Scarves.  

This pandemic has shown us all how unsustainable our ways have been and where we have eventually reached. This series is inspired from the beauty that still emanates from living in harmony with nature, each  other and our individual selves.


Our scarves are printed on Ahimsa Silk, using certified natural and organic colors. Style them with multi-ways, to suit your mood!

We have been working towards creating an eco-system, where we are able to build a network of artisans & bring their craftsmanship skills to the global markets. 

And this season, we are launching our Leather Bags, crafted into minimalistic designs by artisans in the rural communities of Rajsathan, India. 

Our leather is sourced from certified tanneries, constantly working to reduce environmental pollution, ethical sourcing of raw materials and chemical free, organic - plant based dyes. 

We hope you would enjoy these Bags, as much as we worked hard to create them. 

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