Aditi Rangray

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Our Founder - a Creator & Stylist, is imperfectly working towards making more conscious choices each day, while encouraging the same everywhere she goes, with a deep respect towards people who are trying to be more sustainable each day, even if imperfectly so. 

Her mantra " we want our consumers to have both human & humane experience". 

Trying for inclusivity, women's rights & circularity in fashion, have made HMade Collective a platform, to realize these goals & many more, for our SDG objectives.


Minh Trang Pham

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Our Creative Director as well as our Chief Designer, is the leading artistic vision of the brand, as it builds to empower the handcrafting skills of artisans across India & Vietnam. Her artistic past includes sculpting,  jewelry designing and jewelry model moulding, in Vietnam, for international consumers. 

Her passionate vision for art, across all its forms, reflects in her vision for the brand’s aesthetic. She is passionate about creating traditional art in varying media, such as gouache, acrylic and classic watercolor, which has embraced art galleries in the US and would soon be a feature on HMade Collective.



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With prior experience in communicating company values and objectives to the relevant audiences, through the widespread wings of social media, Kanika joined our team to create a more organic HMade Collective experience across social media, to showcase our holistic sustainable approach towards Fashion & populating the same amongst like-minded consumers, furthering our ideology as brand ambassadors. 

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