Some Good News : May the 4th be with you !

Here’s some uplifting news from the week of May 4th 2020, of good deeds from generous individuals and large corporations, during the gloomy news cycle of these unique times we live in.

Salon owner in India Feeds Families with savings for his Daughter

A salon owner in Madurai, a city in the South of India, fed over 615 families, using the $4,000 he had saved for his daughter’s education. At a time when we are all scrambling to secure our hard earned savings, C Mohan handed a kit of food supplies to these families, even while sitting home in lockdown, with a closed stream of income. He’s an inspiration to other small business owners, telling everyone that we don’t need a lot to help those in need, that we will again be able to establish our incomes, but helping the more underprivileged to simply survive through these crisis is of paramount importance.

Portugal is preparing for Clean Energy projects for a Post-COVID World

In a world bought to standstill by this pandemic, Portugal aims to fly out of this crisis, with an investment of €5.5 billion in a series of clean energy projects.

Portugal’s Minister of Environment and Energy Transition, Joao Matos Fernandes said,

The economy cannot grow along the lines of the past and our post-coronavirus vision is to create wealth from projects that reduce carbon emissions and promote energy transition and sustainable mobility.

Portugal has previously seen success with every licensing auctions, to international energy investors from Europe, taking a big u-turn from their unsustainable CO2 emissions within a little over a decade.

Nike donates thousands of shoes, designed exclusively for Healthcare Workers

First released in Nov’19, Nike described the Air Zoom Pulse as

the first shoe designed for the healthcare athlete, an everyday hero

and has already donated 30,000 pairs to hospitals in the United States and 2,500 to hospitals across Europe, in collaboration with their nonprofit partner Good360.

The design on these shoes effectively tackles the challenges faced by long hours of staying on our feet, with minimal breaks.

Banksy drops off new Artwork with a Thank You note

The Southampton General Hospital in England was pleasantly surprised with a new artwork by Banksy, showing a young boy playing with his new favorite superhero action figure - a nurse wearing a cape and face mask & soaring across the sky, while his previously favorite Batman & Spiderman action figures, lie discarded in a based on the floor.

Banksy also left a thank you note for the hospital workers, saying

Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white.

And he named the artwork “Game Changer”.

Landlord hands over his Stimulus Cheque to his 13 Tenants

An anonymous landlord from California, inspired by the generous deeds of other people and businesses, paid $3,400 to his family of tenants. He matched the cheque’s amount for a total of $7,000, so he could use it to reduce $500 from each of his tenant’s rent. His tenants have praised him much in an interview with KNTV, but are also not surprised, suggesting this kind gesture is not unlikely of such a kind man.

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