Sustainable Fashion : Our definition

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

At HMade Collective, sustainable fashion is first and foremost the clothing, you already own. Our aim is to encourage conscious consumption in our buyers & while we all wish to purchase newer styles & items, we should choose mindfully. To which effect, our capsule collections are made in 100% organic textiles, ethically made, at fair pay, by our small team of tailors. Our designs are hand sewn by our master pattern makers, & not in automated manufacturing & most importantly, in small inventory sizes, adhering to our slow fashion ideology.

Sustainable Design : our foundation

We create our clothes with a holistic perspective of sustainability, which goes much more further beyond the key pillars of sustainable practices, onto the realm of extending a garment’s life and usability with mindful designing. We choose to create timeless styles, as opposed to following current trends, in our design philosophy, so that long after a fad is gone, you can continue to enjoy your HMade Collective design. Our textiles are all 100% organic and are easily biodegradable and recyclable.

Our sourcing : from GOTS certified manufacturers

All our textiles are single fibre (no blended textiles) and are vegetable dyed (hypoallergenic), sourced from GOTS & Fair pay coherent suppliers AND our most recent supplier, is a community social enterprise, creating textiles from the wild grass found in the high altitude regions of India - employing the local community in the start to finish process of the same(Read more about DESCATUK here).

Who makes our clothes ?

Our garments are made by our tailors, who have been employing their skills professionally for over two decades now & operate from their independent small units, whilst also employing & training additional artisans to enable the efficient production of our inventory. These artisans have been working with our Founder - Aditi Rangray for over a decade & they have all developed a seamless way of interacting & working on projects, much like an equal footing team than a business.

Fair Pay

As we operate on small inventories, we have the luxury of being able to working with our artisans, but most importantly, be able to afford fair pay for them, as they undertake the design from cutting to sewing. Our prices would reflect our efforts to provide a fair compensation to all our stakeholders, including our customers.

Our mantra : “we want our consumers to have both, a human as well as humane experience”.

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