7 Sustainable Living habits to build Today

Amidst these uniquely challenging times, when all of us are being asked to stand up for the greater good, it can often get chillingly nervous, thinking about the evolving uncertainty of this fluid situation. It’s true we haven’t slowed down in our lives since this millennium started, living life in the fast lane as technology propelled us into this new era of consumption & kept closing in on the distances. It’s perhaps the right time to slow down and think of how this pace of life has been impacting our health, habits and relationships and to what end are we willing to push ourselves, in this ever increasing habit of consumption.

While we are all social distancing and working from home, let us also take a step in using this time, consciously analyzing our lifestyles and how we can make them more sustainable, may be create a breathing space for more relationships and less ‘objects’. Today we’ll talk about small, simple steps you can take, to create sustainable habits and eventually a lifestyle, which can also be a happy distraction from the disturbing development of this situation.

1. Reduce your plastic consumption

While social distancing and working from home, this is an ideal time, to reign in a serious check on your plastic consumption. From buying fruits and vegetables without a plastic packaging, to cutting down purchases like packaged water bottles or sodas in plastic bottle. In fact now might be a time to cure our dependency on single use plastics, such as disposable coffee cups, which we often overlook in our busy lives and get used to our travel coffee mugs & develop our reduce-reuse-repurpose habits.

2. Cook more - order in less

Cooking our meals, gets tiresome during the grind of a work week, but while working from home, it can not only become a skill to be developed but also a pleasant distraction from the monotony of the WFH days. And as a bonus, it is a lovely way of helping the delivery boys from our favorite take-outs, help the more vulnerable ones or the elderly, in isolation right now.

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3. De-clutter your home

When better to organize your home and rid yourself of the items, that haven’t been of use, in like forever. Bring in some of your outdoor plants, to cheer up the mood in your living space, which not to mention is lovely stress-buster. This could also be a brilliant opportunity to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, or at least experiment with it, topically.

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4. Segregate your waste

It would be a surprise to you, how many of us, don’t segregate our trash properly, which has multifold benefits of its own, the key of them being that it makes the waste more recyclable, helping in keeping it from reaching the landfills. A big part of segregating this waste, can be choosing as to what can be re-used, for instance glass jars and bottles, or plastic containers, which can be reused to store leftovers etc.

5. Cut down on smoking

We all know cigarette butts take over a century to decompose and simply keep adding to the landfills. But most importantly, this is a good opportunity to cut down on smoking, to boost our health amidst a pandemic and also make an ecological impact, no matter how small.

6. Green your wardrobe

Now, when we are locked in our homes with social media as our connection to our external world, it would be one a great time to read and learn more about the ethical fashion movement and why fast fashion is simply not a sustainable way fo life. Organise your wardrobe and garments that you haven’t used in a long while, contemplate on how you can repurpose and further lengthen the longevity of the garment.

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7. Practice mindful consumption

Choosing to watch our consumption, being mindful about not purchasing more than our requirement is one of the most sustainable choices we can make right now. This is a time of crisis and imperative that we share our resources, so that we can together as a community, sustain these resources comfortably over next few weeks of this strain.

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